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Twitter is Obsessed with Blue Ivy’s Performance on ‘Brown Skin Girl’ from the Lion King Soundtrack

As Beyoncé’s daughter, it’s only fair that 7-year-old Blue Ivy Carter would have an outsize musical ability — even for her very young age. But as today’s album release revealed Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s collaboration on “Brown Skin Girl” from the Lion King soundtrack, one thing became very clear: we underestimated what Blue Ivy was bringing to the table. Twitter’s response to the album release, and Blue Ivy’s performance in particular, has been swift and reverent, confirming that the Carters’ next generation is likely to be as powerful as Beyoncé and Jay-Z ever were. Look out world — there’s a new talent on the loose.

Fans were impressed with everything about Blue Ivy’s appearance on the album: the fact that she has a writing credit and is listed as a featured artist on a major album for a Disney movie is impressive enough, as many noted. Then there’s the song itself, “Brown Skin Girl,” which is resonating with many women of color as a “love letter.” Finally, there’s sheer awe at her singing ability: “how can blue ivy sing better than most of the music industry at the age of 7,” one tweet reads. The lyrics she sings go like this: “Brown skin girl. Your skin just like pearls. The best thing in the world. Never trade for anybody else.”

Here’s what people had to say about this young musical phenomenon — starting with the outright praise and adulation.

Others got emotional about the content of the lyrics — “the way they’re teaching her to love herself and her culture is beyond beautiful,” one tweet reads.

In addition to gushing over Blue Ivy’s talent and the message of the song, some fans pointed out just how well the song is doing.

Not bad, Blue Ivy! If this was her first venture into singing and songwriting, we’re almost afraid of how good her second track will be. Here’s to another Carter queen!

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