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Jenna Dewan Posted a Photo of Daughter Everly’s Note From the Tooth Fairy & It’s Too Cute

Losing your two front teeth is a rite of passage for every kid — and famous kids are no exception. This week, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum’s daughter Everly met the tooth fairy after going through just that. Dewan posted details to her Instagram that proved how far she went to make sure it was a magical experience for her daughter, and we’re sure Everly loved it. After all, no one likes losing teeth: but knowing the tooth fairy is stopping by in the night likely makes it that much sweeter for 6-year-old Everly.

Dewan posted the evidence of the tooth fairy’s visit to her Instagram story with the caption “no more front teeth.” The photo shows off a $5 dollar bill in front of a jewelry box reading: “I do believe in fairies.” Underneath the bill was a note, presumably from Madam Tooth Fairy herself, addressed to Tatum and Dewan’s daughter. The note reads as follows: “Dearest Evie, I am so so so proud of you! Everyone in fairyland was talking about how brave you were in pulling your own tooth out last night! We even added an extra song and dance to our fairy party in your honor! It was called Magical Evie. We love watching you grow up…See you on the next tooth! Love and pixie trust, Trixie.”

Though Dewan and Tatum split last April, they’ve remained dedicated to figuring out a co-parenting situation that works best for young Everly. And both parents seem to understand that, when it comes to Everly, fairy content is the way to go. In January, documents obtained by The Blast revealed that Everly’s room in Tatum’s new rental home had been decorated “in a fairytale and fantasy theme,” in keeping with Everly’s taste. So, it’s no wonder that her parents decided to introduce her to the tooth fairy — and hopefully, Everly enjoyed her note just as much as she enjoys dressing like a princess fairy for school.

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