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Diane Kruger Gets Real About Baby Daughter’s Teething in Paris

Some celebrities document every moment of their baby’s lives and share it with the public; others, like Diane Kruger, care deeply about keeping their kid’s life private, sharing information only in rare moments. One of those moments came about last night, when Kruger revealed her daughter’s latest milestone in Paris, where she, her daughter, and her boyfriend Norman Reedus were enjoying a birthday trip for Kruger. On Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kruger opened up about how big her 8-month-old daughter is getting, and her recent struggles with teething. Like all moms, Kruger can’t believe how quickly her baby is growing up.

Kruger was discussing her birthday trip to Paris when Kelly Ripa inquired about her baby daughter, whose name we still don’t know. “She’s so big,” the Inglorious Basterds star tells Ripa, “It’s crazy.” Ripa pushes further, perhaps sensing Kruger’s willingness to share a rare detail: “What’s she doing?” she asks Kruger. “Teething!” the actress responds, throwing her head back. “She’s teething so the nights can be hard for her because she’s drooling all over.” It’s not all bad though: “She loves Paris,” Kruger reveals next, laughing a little. “It’s the second time in her life she’s in Paris.” Eight months old and two trips to Paris? Pretty swanky, baby Kruger!

Earlier this week, we saw a rare photo of Kruger’s baby daughter, whom she shares with boyfriend Reedus. Reedus posted to Instagram for Kruger’s birthday, and included a sweet pic that showed their baby daughter pulling on Kruger’s hair. In classic Kruger family fashion, however, only the baby’s arms (and a tiny sliver of her face) are visible. Of course, we respect Kruger’s right to privacy, and so admire her commitment to not making her daughter’s image public without her consent. But we’re also only human, and if Kruger ever does decide to share a full picture, we’d love to see it. Until then, we wish her luck with this teething phase — it’s a fun one!

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