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Kristen Bell’s Daughters Tried to Guess Her Age on Her Birthday & the Results Were Hilarious

We’re in stitches laughing over this. Kristen Bell’s daughters tried to guess her age on her birthday, and the result is so funny. The Veronica Mars actress turns 39 today (July 18), and when posed the question, “How old do you think I’m turning” to her daughters, the answers were a bit off. (OK — a lot off.)

Bell’s two daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, did their best in the video, which Bell posted to Instagram. The actress, who shares the sweet girls with husband Dax Shepard, recently got candid about her children and how she rebooted Veronica Mars for them. Since her days of solving mysteries in Neptune, Bell has gone on to star in a slew of comedies and received a Golden Globe nomination for her work on NBC’s The Good Place. But some of Bell’s most entertaining projects have been capturing her daughters’ silliness.

In a video posted on Wednesday, the Frozen actress prompted the question to her girls and awaited their answer answer. Delta, Bell and Shepard’s youngest, chimed in with her guess: “63.” The actress then turned the question over to her eldest daughter, Lincoln, who offered her answer: “89.” When Bell turned the question over to her husband, Shepard can be heard responding, “I’m going to say it’s somewhere in the middle of those two guesses, so 71,” the actor guessed. “Is that right?” Well, no not exactly.

One of Bell’s daughters then swapped her answer to “12.” Closer, but not right either. Before Bell revealed she was turning 39 today, July 18. “My kids are kind,” Bell captioned the funny footage. “I don’t care if they can’t do math.” We can’t wait for more videos like these from Bell and her sweet fam.

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