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Jennifer Lopez Called Alex Rodriguez Her ‘MVP’ for This Sweet Moment & We Love Love

We love seeing partners support one another. Jennifer Lopez called Alex Rodriguez her MVP after he comforted her during a recent concert. The pop star is currently on her “It’s My Party” tour, where she gushed about her fiancé and how supportive he’s been through her strenuous schedule.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lopez discussed a recent, emotional moment seen in a YouTube video for her “It’s My Party Tour Diaries” series, where the “On The Floor” singer broke down in tears following a stressful show. During a performance, Lopez was hit in the head with a microphone, causing her forehead to bleed. After seeing his fiancé cry, A-Rod, a former Yankees baseball player, swooped in to offer words of comfort.

“You don’t see how great you are. You really have no idea,” Rodriguez told Lopez in the video as he wrapped his arms around his fiancé. “…Baby, nobody’s looking at steps. People are looking at how beautiful you look and how great you sound.” Lopez told ET about how Rodriguez’s ability to comfort her in a unique and calming way.

“He was my hero that night, he was the MVP, as they say,” Lopez said. “I think because of what he’s done and performing on such a big stage with the Yankees all over the United States, he understands my life in a way that nobody else really has, and we come from similar backgrounds and we really have a special connection that way, so, yeah, he was amazing that night.”

The couple, who became engaged in March, have been taking their impending nuptials slow, focusing on their careers, children and their relationship.. “I think we have a pretty busy year ahead of us, so, you know, we are [taking it slow],” Lopez told ET. “There’s no rush. We really see this as something that’s gonna be forever, and we’re gonna just take our time and do it right. And do it not rushed.”

As for the actual wedding ceremony, Lopez shared a fun quip, saying, “I don’t know, I hope that both of us are just standing up straight and don’t faint.” With the support this famous couple has shown on another, there’s no doubt they’ll be standing strong.

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