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Bonnie Just Had a Gut-Wrenching Breakthrough on Big Little Lies, But Will It Be Her Downfall?

[Warning: This article contains spoiler-y info about Big Little Lies season two episode six.]

Another week of HBO’s Monterey mom drama is in the books and, yet again, the ladies delivered. But it was Bonnie’s heartrending breakthrough and confession on Big Little Lies this week that packed a real emotional punch. To be clear, the character (played by Zoe Kravitz) hasn’t come clean about anything to the cops… yet. But after everything that went down in the penultimate episode of BLL’s second season, it certainly seems like Bonnie is headed for a dramatic conclusion.

Let’s start with what one of the first shocking moments from Bonnie on this week’s episode: the moment she smothers her stroke-victim mother, Elizabeth (Crystal Fox), with a pillow. Of course, as long as you didn’t take a bathroom break at the precise moment of the reveal, you quickly realized that Bonnie just imagined smothering her mother. Although, she later comes right out and asked the nurse if they can kill Elizabeth. The reason she gives the nurse? Elizabeth wouldn’t want to live like this, no longer functioning on her own and attached to machines for survival. However, it soon becomes clear that Bonnie may have ulterior motives for wanting to end her mother’s suffering.

As the stress of Perry’s death weighs on her — especially as Celeste’s heated custody trial plays out — Bonnie has begun to imagine confessing to his murder. And toward the episode’s end, she emotionally confronts her comatose mother. Not only does she reveal how Perry really died, but she also lays bare her complicated dynamic with her abusive mother.

“Well, it looks like it’s time. I have to confess something that I’m not proud of,” Bonnie says to her mother, holding the journal she uses to work through her innermost feelings. “And as I was writing, I realized I needed to confess to you first. So here it goes.” This, in and of itself, suggests that next week’s season two finale could be truly gut-wrenching for Bonnie fans. It definitely sounds as though she intends to make those visions of confessing to Perry’s murder a reality.

At this moment, though, she is less concerned with her future and more focused on her past. “I resent you. For the childhood that I had. I resent you for your impatience. For being scared of doing my homework without being yelled at. For all the kitchen cabinet doors you slammed. For slapping me. For all the bruises. I resent you for not feeling safe at home. I resent you for all the sex I started to have when I was 13 to prove to myself that I could be loved. I resent you for wanting to beat the shit out of everyone. I resent you for making me feel so fucking worthless that I settled for a man that I don’t,” Bonnie tells her mother, trailing off.

“But mainly, I resent you for killing a man. I killed Celeste’s husband,” Bonnie unloads, continuing, “He didn’t slip. I pushed him. I snapped — and when I lunged at him, I was pushing you. And that push was a long time coming. And I want to forgive you.” As Bonnie finishes, tears are streaming down Elizabeth’s face. Was she lucid? Did she actually hear what her daughter said? Or is she essentially gone but, because she’s an empath, her subconscious reacted?

It’s hard to say what implications the moments may have. Still, we know something big is coming from Bonnie in the finale, and we’re not sure we’re ready.

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