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Idris Elba Revealed the Wedding Song Meghan Markle Went Off to on the Dance Floor

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding is long past, those of us left waiting for an invite are still eager for details of what went on that magical day. Luckily, the Sussex royals’ wedding DJ was on BBC Radio 1xtra this week: Idris Elba, who revealed Meghan and Harry’s wedding playlist requests and more. Apparently, Meghan in particular was eager to have a few key tracks featured — and BBC Radio 1xtra hosts were more than eager to find out what those were.

When the subject of Elba’s royal DJ gig comes up, the 46-year-old actor kicks things off with a juicy tidbit: “This is an exclusive to you, Meghan sent me a playlist with some bare tunes on it,” he says. The hosts more or less lose it, begging him to reveal at least one track he played at the wedding, and Elba obliges: “I Want To Dance With Somebody,” by Whitney Houston. “Did that go off?” a host asks. Elba makes an incredulous sound: “Mate! Did that go off?” Judging from Elba’s response, the dance floor absolutely lost it for that song — and now, we will forever live in sadness that we didn’t get to witness it.

Pressed for more details about Meghan’s playlist, Elba insists on respecting the couple’s privacy — but relents with one final hint. “There was some West Coast on it. That’s all I’m saying,” he shares with a laugh. The hosts press him: Tupac? Dre? Snoop Dogg? “I’m not gonna put their business out like that, that’s not fair,” he replies. “Ask Meghan and Harry!”

If anyone does want to ask Meghan and Harry, we’ll be patiently waiting for the answer.


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