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Kristen Bell Is Rebooting Veronica Mars for Her Daughters & We’re Crying

Nothing gets us more teary-eyed than moms and maternal figures paving the way for their daughters. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s daughters are the reason for the Veronica Mars reboot. The actress who originated the role in 2004, shared how her daughters played a vital role in her decision to move forward with the reboot, which will debut in Hulu on July 26.

Bell is known widely for her comedic chops and singing. The actress has starred as the voice of Anna in Frozen and earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Eleanor on NBC’s The Good Place. But back in 2004, Bell was Veronica Mars, a spunky young woman whose goal was to solve  mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Bell’s work on the series catapulted her career, and led her to meet her future husband Dax Shepard. The couple share two daughters, Delta, 4, and Lincoln, 6. As Bell explained to Entertainment Tonight, her two daughters are the reason she’s headed back to Neptune.

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“We are having a lot of public conversations right now about girls and conduct and how you act as a strong female,” Bell shared. “I am not prouder than anything than having been a part of this role that my daughters will see one day because Veronica knows how to act in the world.” Due to her rigorous schedule, it has taken some time for Bell and Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas, to bring the reboot to fruition. But now, it’s all coming together. “We have wanted to do it for quite some time … but he wasn’t available, I wasn’t available, and [then] somehow the universe brought us together talking again,” Bell recalled.

The series will pick up five years following the 2014, crowd-funded movie, where Mars investigates the murder of a student enjoying spring break in Neptune. “They say, ‘Make change through your art, pick projects that you think will promote the goodness that you want to see in the world,'” Bell added. “And this, man, this is one of those shows for me.” Veronica Mars fans, get ready! We’ll be returning to Neptune soon.

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