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Prince Harry Is Being Called a Hypocrite for Having an Instagram & the Reason Is Total B.S.

It’s very, very rare for Prince Harry to be criticized for something Meghan Markle has also done — but this week has brought us just that. In an interview with Sky News, royal correspondent Caroline Frost accused Prince Harry of hypocrisy for having an Instagram while also warning the public of the dangerous mental health effects of social media. Given the timing of the recent Sussex Royals Instagram reveal, Frost feels there’s some mixed messaging coming from Harry — and she’s not afraid to call him out.

Frost told  Sky News that timing is really the key for her when it comes to Harry’s social media use. “We had Prince Harry telling a young audience ‘stay away from social media, it can damage your mental health, please live lives in balance and stop worrying about how you look,” Frost explained. “Literally the very next day they launched their Instagram account. So I think there’s a little bit of management perhaps that needs to be improved.”

Harry’s speech from April 2019 at a London YMCA certainly rang he alarm bells about the downsides of social media. “Social media is more addictive than drugs and alcohol and it’s more dangerous because it’s normalized and there are no restrictions to it,” Harry contended, adding that it was important for “younger people coming through [to be] less connected to their phones.”

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While Frost may have a point about there being some unfortunate timing with the Sussex Royals Instagram release in April 2019, the fact is that Harry and Meghan aren’t quite using their page in the typical way. Their Instagram largely functions to promote various charities they support and highlights a new cause every month that to which the Sussex royals are committed. Of course, there’s the occasional royal baby pic or wedding throwback — but hey, that’s just giving the people what they want.

We fully support Harry’s message about the dangers of social media, of course. But if that means living in a world where the only Archie pics are in official press releases? Sorry Frost — you lost us there.

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