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Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Asked Her for Wine with Her Dinner & the Video Is Hilarious

Like mother, like daughter! A new video shows Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna “ordering” wine, and it’s living proof children are little sponges. It goes without saying that Teigen didn’t serve any actual vino to her 3-year-old, whom she shares with husband John Legend. However, the hands-on mama did serve up a tumbler filled with invisible wine for the little girl to wash down a faux meal of grilled salmon.

For context, the video — which Teigen posted on her Instagram this week — captured the mom of two enjoying a playdate with Luna and her brother, 1-year-old Miles. Squeezed into Luna’s playhouse, Teigen works hard in the play kitchen whipping up a delicious imaginary dinner for Luna. On the menu? Salmon for the main course with a side salad. When asked what she wanted to drink, though, a thirsty Luna rattled off her three libations of choice: “Orange juice, some water and some wine!”

It’s a safe bet that Teigen and Legend may have made a similar order quite frequently on  the family’s recent summer vacation to Italy. Anyone who follows Teigen on social media knows she’s a woman who loves her wine. And Legend even has his own wine brand, LVE Collection, so Luna comes by her drink ordering preference honestly.

It’s hard to imagine the video getting any cuter or more comical at that point, but it does. After Luna knocks back her three beverages and takes a bite of her freshly grilled faux salmon, Teigen rings her up on Luna’s toy kitchen cash register. “Thank you. That will be $20,” Teigen tells her daughter, to which Luna hilariously responds, “What the?!” Teigen understandably loses her composure and bursts into laughter. Same, Teigen. Same.

Upon sharing the video on social media, Teigen captioned it, “Oh dear. They really do hear everything,” a possible nod to both the wine order and, as suggested by the “#waittiltheend” hashtag, the very Teigen-like way Luna expresses her shock.

In a follow-up video, Luna joins Teigen and Miles in the playset kitchen for another LOL moment. While serving cardboard food to Teigen’s mom, Vilailuck, Luna tells her grandma that if she wants Thai food, she’ll have to go down the street. When Vilailuck asks if the little girl serves anything spicy, she walks out of the playset to usher her grandma off, saying, “You can go get it at the store.” Teigen captioned that video with Luna’s final word to her grandma as Vilailuck was getting the cutest boot ever: “BYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE.”

We just have one question: Is Luna’s Playhouse open for business? Because faux wine, cardboard salmon and that kind of customer service sounds like a pretty sweet lunch date.

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