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Jennifer Garner Responded to Those Pregnancy Rumors in the Most Hilarious Way

Shut it down. Jennifer Garner responded to Ben Affleck pregnancy rumors in the most hilarious way. The rumors, according to IB Times, started on Monday when the mom of three posted a photo of her in a red dress with an obvious baby bump. Garner explained that the photo, from a past InStyle photoshoot, was from a previous pregnancy, but that didn’t stop fans from skipping over the caption and assuming that Garner is pregnant right here, right now with either her ex-husband Ben Affleck or her new boyfriend John Milller’s baby. “#flashbumpsunday #obviouslyaflashback #allsetwithbabies,” Garner captioned the post.

And so, to make it clear that she is — in fact — not pregnant, Garner took to her Instagram again on Tuesday with the most subtle but hilarious response. The Instagram featured a video of the Dallas Buyers Club star in her kitchen, dipping some cookies in wine before eating them. “How do you like your cookies? Do you dip them in milk? I do too, yes. But if it’s late at night (or in them middle of the afternoon), I might dip them in some wine,” she says in the video.

According to IB Times, the video was a clear response to the ongoing pregnancy rumors. The site cited a report from the American Pregnancy Association which states that all alcohol — even small amounts of wine — should be avoided during pregnancy as alcohol increases the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. In March, Garner’s close friend Reese Witherspoon also responded to rumors that the two were pregnant. The Big Little Lies star tweeted a photo of a cover of OK! magazine with the headline: “Jen & Reese: Baby Bombshells!” “Hey Jen! Can we raise our imaginary babies together?” Witherspoon wrote in response.

Glad to know Witherspoon and Garner have a sense of humor about the rumors. Attention fans and tabloids, if Garner is pregnant, she’ll make that clear, so let’s stop with the speculation.

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