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George & Amal Clooney’s Nanny Responds to Rumors She Was Hired for Baby Archie

It’s not any great surprise that friends share parenting advice with each other, but do they also share parenting pros? A rumor that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hired George Clooney’s nanny has recently been gaining traction, inciting natural curiosity among fans over the potentially shared resource. But in the wake of this widely-circulated speculation, that nanny — American “nanny to the stars” Connie Simpson — has issued a statement.

No one would think it was odd if Harry and Meghan did choose Simpson to help them care for their firstborn child. In addition to the Clooneys, Simpson has also lent a hand to celebrity parents like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba. However, when it comes to Simpson taking up residence at Frogmore Cottage to care for baby Archie, that rumor has now officially been debunked. “I haven’t been asked to be the nanny for the royals,” Simpson said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

To be clear, though, she wouldn’t turn down the job if she was asked. “I would love the job to take care of any baby, taking care of any baby is to take care of the parents,” she shared, adding that she believes a nanny is just as important for parents as it is for the child in any given household.

“I think the type of nanny that parents should have is one that will guide them and walk alongside them. Hold their hands and accomplish them along the way,” Simpson elaborated, continuing, “Some parents need to be nudged in the right direction. No nanny can be the parent and no parent can be the nanny.” Simpson, who wrote the book The Nanny Connie Way, sounds like a wise woman to us.

So, right now, the rumors about the Clooneys referring Simpson to the Sussex household remain just that: rumors. Judging by Simpson’s comments, though, it’s still entirely within the realm of possibility that Harry and Meghan could reach out to her. After all, the other prevailing rumor about childcare at Frogmore Cottage is that Harry and Meghan haven’t yet found the perfect fit for their family.

A source told Fabulous (via the UK’s Express) that Meghan is struggling to “give up control of Archie.” But, like, what mom doesn’t with their firstborn, right? “It’s like an auditioning process,” the source said, suggesting it has been “humiliating for the poor nannies.” However, it goes without saying that Harry and Meghan have to be more discerning than most given their position as global entities.

Whomever Harry and Markle hire to help out with baby Archie, an extensive non-disclosure agreement is expected to be signed by the new nanny.

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