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Fans Think Beyoncé Sounds ‘Too Beyoncé’ in the New Lion King & We Have Questions

The long awaited live-action Lion King is slowly releasing teaser content to viewers — with one surprising result. Fans are now criticizing Beyoncé for her Lion King voice performance, claiming that the singer sounds “too Beyoncé” and didn’t make enough of an effort to mask her highly recognizable voice. While a Beyoncé-dominant soundtrack is undoubtedly something we’re looking forward to, fans worry that the beloved character of Nala will get lost if all we can picture is Beyoncé saying these lines.

In the newly released clip, Beyoncé can be heard uttering a few new lines, including “this isn’t the home I remember,” “you have to take your place as king” and “are you with me lions?” Beyoncé certainly sounds like Beyoncé — but then again, Donald Glover also sounds like Donald Glover. It’s terrifically hard to tell from select voice-over clips how distracting it will be to have these distinctive, well-known voices acting the story, but if it does become an issue, Beyoncé will be far from the only offender.

One other idea: A fan suggested it could be the animation itself, and not the voice-over, that makes these clips look so jarring. “Something is off here,” the fan mused on Twitter. “Maybe the lions look too real for voice overs.” Take a look and decide for yourself.

No one’s complaining about Beyoncé’s voice itself, to be clear: They’re just not sure that Beyoncé’s voice acting was transformative enough for the role. But one tweet may have the hottest take of all: “I think it’s the lion that’s not adapting to Beyoncé’s voice,” a fan wrote on Twitter. Given that it’s Beyoncé’s world and we’re all just living in it, that sounds about right.

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