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Meghan Markle Paid Tribute to Prince Harry at Archie’s Christening in the Sweetest Way

Archie’s christening included so many special outfits, from Kate’s tribute to Princess Diana to Meghan’s tradition-breaking dress. But those weren’t the only ones. Meghan Markle wore her wedding earrings to Archie’s christening, and people have thoughts. It’s always interesting to learn about the special meanings behind the royals outfits — intended or not. Take Markle’s seemingly inappropriate decision to wear jeans at Wimbledon, for example. In the case of Archie’s christening, the internet has heavily discussed what it means that Markle wore the same $15,000 Galanterie de Cartier diamond and white gold studs from her wedding for Archie’s baptism.

In an interview for the Daily Mail, stylist Rochelle White theorized that the similarities in Markle’s look on that day linked “the two meaningful events together” and “paid homage to her wedding day.” Or maybe Markle knew those expensive earrings should be worn with everything because they, and she, are utterly gorgeous?



Markle’s fashion and jewelry choices have often been discussed with a heavy emphasis and — snark aside — it’s warranted. The Duchess of Sussex has taken the time to honor her son with her wardrobe and motherhood in general with her apparel. It’s why she’s a style icon.

But this comes after several weeks of issues leading up to Archie’s christening. Markle’s father was snubbed and had something to say about it, and while baby Archie’s godparents are still a mystery, there’s been speculation in the wake of Prince George possibly being a conduit for love. So, yeah, maybe analyzing the royals with a fine-tooth comb has a lot of merit in it.

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