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Michelle Obama’s Daughters Had Their First Kisses in Front of Secret Service Agents & Awkward

Invasion of privacy or oversharing mom? Michelle Obama revealed Malia and Sasha had their first kisses while living in the White House. The former First Lady got personal over the weekend about her the First Family’s time in the White House and the milestones her daughters experienced while growing up in Washington.

Obama opened up to Gayle King at  Essence Festival on Saturday about her family. The former First Lady’s book, Becoming, was published in November 2018 and delves into intimate details about Obama’s life in the White House. When it came to talking about her daughters, Michelle Obama spilled even more secrets.

“My kids had armed guards with them at all times,” the former First Lady told King. “Imagine trying to have your first kiss [around] a bunch of men [with guns] and ear pieces.” The author went on to share how surprised she was that her daughters were able to maintain the balance between being first daughters and leading normal, adolescent lives. “Imagine having Malia and Sasha come to your house for a sleepover,” Obama said. “This is the call: ‘OK, we’re gonna need your social security number, we’re gonna need your date of birth. There will be men coming to sweep your house. If you have guns and drugs, just tell them. Because they’re going to find them anyway. Don’t lie. They’re not gonna take them, they just need to know where they are. And by the way, there will be a man with a gun sitting on the front porch all night. Let him come in and use the bathroom, it would just be nice.’”

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With #MothersDay just a couple days away, I find myself thinking a lot about the way my mother raised me. And even though our family was crammed into a tiny apartment, one of the greatest gifts she gave me was the freedom to explore and develop into my own person. For instance, even though we didn’t have much money, she and my dad cobbled enough money together to send me on a high-school trip to Paris, which opened up the world to me in so many ways. And now that I’m raising kids of my own, I wanted to pass that lesson on to my own girls. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to travel with Sasha and Malia all across the country and around the world—experiences my mother never would have dreamed of back when I was their age. But though the settings may be different, the message is the same, and it’s one I hope mothers everywhere pass on to their daughters—in seeking out new perspectives and reaching outside of our comfort zones, we can discover more about ourselves.

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Obama went on to explain what her and her husband, former President Barack Obama, prioritized for their daughters. “Our focus was to make sure they did what they needed to do, and that meant pretend like all the craziness around them wasn’t happening,” Obama explained to the CBS This Morning co-host. “For eight years, we were like, ‘Yup, your dad’s president. That doesn’t have anything to do with you. Take your butt to school. Yes, you have security, just ignore them, they’re not here for you. Your goal is to go to school, come back, get some decent grades. Don’t act up. Don’t embarrass us.’” It’s clear the Obamas knew what they were doing, as daughters Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18, have grown up to become beautiful and mature young women. That’s a lot to be proud of.

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