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Wait, Is The Bachelorette Dropping Hints About Who the Next Bachelor Will Be?

[Warning: This article contains spoilers about the most recent episodes of The Bachelorette. Proceed with caution.]

With Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette starting to wind down, it’s only natural for fans to start speculating about who might become ABC’s successive single-looking-to-mingle in the hot seat. So, when it appeared The Bachelorette tweeted a clue about the next Bachelor, suffice it to say Bachelor Nation took the potential hint and ran with it. But could there be any truth to these suggestions? Here’s hoping!

Before we get to the possible identity of the next Bachelor, we need to quickly recap one of this week’s most talked-about Bachelorette moments. Brown was headed into the hometown visits when she decided to ask fan favorite Mike Johnson on a one-on-one. Things started off well enough but, during dinner, Brown broke down and confessed she just didn’t have the kind of connection she needed with Johnson to move forward. Cue the collective heartbreak of many, many Bachelor Nation fans.

Then, almost adding insult to injury, The Bachelorette took to Twitter to post a video tribute to Johnson’s most endearing feature: his smile. “Mike brings a smile to all of our faces,” the caption for the montage read. Although the tweet might seem like a straightforward goodbye, it goes to show that ABC realizes how popular the Air Force veteran is — and fans took that as a positive sign that Johnson might be on the short list to become the next Bachelor.

Naturally, fans did the only acceptable thing: flood the comment feed with support for this idea. “MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR! MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR! MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR! MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR! MAKE HIM THE BACHELOR!” insisted one fan. Added another, “Mike as the bachelor will bring an even bigger smile to all our faces! Ake it happen and announce #MIKEFORBACHELOR already!” Others threated to boycott if Johnson doesn’t end up as the next Bachelor. Some pointed out that The Bachelor has yet to cast a black lead, and Johnson would be the perfect guy for the job.

If that doesn’t pan out, though, Johnson already has one high-profile fan ready to accept his rose. After Monday’s episode, Demi Lovato — who has been a vocal fan of Johnson’s all season — raved in her Instagram stories, “Swing me, kiss me! Boo, boo. Mike, I accept your rose.”

And since fans are already stanning the two, ABC might have to compete with fans’ interest in Lovato and Johnson’s potential romance if the franchise does go with a different Bachelor.

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