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Queen Elizabeth Feared She Wouldn’t Be Alive to Meet Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Firstborn

There’s no denying she’s one tough lady, but that doesn’t mean the Queen is infallible. And, according to one royal author, Her Majesty realizes she won’t always be around for the rest of her family. In fact, Queen Elizabeth thought she would die before baby Archie was even born. This story has a happy ending, of course, since the royal matriarch was one of the first people to officially greet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s firstborn child upon his birth on May 6.

Yet, in the months prior to news breaking about Meghan’s pregnancy, the Queen apparently struggled with doubt and worry about the state of her own health. In a comprehensive look into the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, highly reputed royal correspondent Katie Nicholl claims that learning Prince Harry would become a dad made her particularly happy — but not without concern. “Not so long ago, she joked that she probably wouldn’t be around to see Harry have children, but here she is at the age of 93, welcoming another baby,” Nicholl wrote for Vanity Fair.

At 93, Queen Elizabeth has eight adult grandchildren, ranging in age from 11 to 41 years old. She also has eight great-grandchildren, from Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s daughter Savannah Phillips down to the newest addition, baby Archie.

Conceivably, the Queen could be around long enough to see even more great-grandchildren. But does the head of the royal family have anything to truly be concerned about health-wise? Despite her advanced age, Elizabeth hasn’t had too many major illnesses or hospitalizations. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have health concerns that the royal family chooses to keep private.

In May, social media users began speculating about the Queen’s health after a photo was released showing a large purple bruise on her hand. Buckingham Palace refused to comment at the time, but the UK’s Express offered an innocuous explanation — “as people age, their skin gets thinner and they lose some of the fatty layer underneath that protect them from bumps and knocks.”

Now, Queen Elizabeth’s reportedly planned absence at baby Archie’s christening once again has fans wondering: Is the Queen’s health on the decline? More likely than not, though, Her Majesty simply has royal commitments that will keep her otherwise engaged.

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