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Prince Harry Ignoring Meghan Markle at a Baseball Game Prove Royals Are as Awkward as Us

Royals! They’re just like us! Prince Harry ignored Meghan Markle at a Yankees Game, and the video is a mood. (Who hasn’t tried to talk to someone who awkwardly couldn’t hear you?) That’s pretty much what happened to the Duchess of Sussex when she tried to talk to her husband at a Major League Baseball game in London over the weekend.

Video of the moment shows the couple sitting side by side at the back of the stadium, as they watched the New York Yankees play against the Boston Red Sox. At one moment, Meghan leans over to tell Harry something with a big smile on her face. But Harry, lost in the game, leans to the other side to talk to his friend. When Markle realizes that none of her words were heard by Harry, she turns her head back to her side and awkwardly watches the rest of the game.  “Is it my imagination or is Harry ignoring her?” one Twitter user wrote.

The game, which was the first regular-season Major Baseball Game in London, was Markle’s third public appearance since welcoming her son, Archie Harrison, with Prince Harry in May. The first appearance was for a press photo-op with her baby, while the second was for this year’s Trooping the Colour in honor of the Queen.

This hasn’t been the first time Meghan and Harry were caught on camera at an awkward moment. At Trooping the Colour last month, fans believed that Harry told Meghan to “turn around” when she leaned back to talk to him. Who knows what really happens between the two royals in these moments, but who hasn’t had an awkward moment (or a hundred) with their significant other? If anything, these moments prove the royals are as awkward us, which makes us love them even more.

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