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Why Angelina Jolie Has ‘No Interest’ in Dating After Her Divorce from Brad Pitt

In 2016, Brangelina announced their split, kicking off years of custody battles and ugly rumors. While proceedings are ongoing, both parties are now legally single — a status Jolie has no intention of acting on, according to a new source. Angelina Jolie hasn’t dated since divorcing Brad Pitt, and she apparently isn’t looking to start dating anytime soon. A source close to Jolie told Hollywood Life that Jolie is fully focused on her children and career at this point in her life, and isn’t thinking about any romantic prospects.

A recent rumor suggested that Jolie was still hung up on Pitt and is intentionally dragging out divorce proceedings in hopes of reconciling. Hollywood Life’s source denies this claim: “Angelina is very fulfilled right now with her work and her kids, she isn’t dating anyone and that is by choice,” the insider confirmed. “She’s very happy again and doesn’t feel that a romantic relationship is something she needs in her life to feel complete or happy. It’s not about her not being able to move on for Brad, he has nothing to do with her decision not to date, she just really has no interest right now. That could change of course, but right now her focus is solely on her work and her kids, her plate is very full.”

As Hollywood Life points out, Jolie’s career is currently booming — between new movie roles, her work with the United Nations and her new editor role at Time magazine, it’s hardly shocking that dating isn’t in the forefront of her mind right now. But the source says she’s not closed off to the idea entirely: “If she meets someone and she feels that spark and feels drawn to get to know them further then she’ll explore that,” the source revealed. “But she won’t go looking for it, love will have to come to her.”

The source added that Jolie’s “always been that way” about her love life, perhaps alluding to Jolie and Pitt’s dramatic start to their relationship. “When the right person comes along she knows it and she goes for it,” the source contended. “Until that happens she is more than happy to be single.” After this difficult, multi-year process of separating from her husband of over a decade, we can’t blame her — and we hope the media can be more supportive to Jolie than they were to Jennifer Aniston in the wake of her split.

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