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Princess Diana’s Trick to Get William & Harry to Smile in Photos Is Brilliant

For any parent, royal or not, getting their kids to pose for pictures is no easy feat, so it’s refreshing to learn that Princess Diana used a trick to get Princes William and Harry to smile for photos. Today, the late Princess Diana would have turned 58-years-old. In memory of the “people’s princess,” fans have reflected on how the late would get her two boys, who she shared with Prince Charles, to smile when they were younger.

Parents will use all different sorts of tactics to get their kids to look at a camera, much less smile. Funny noises? Absolutely. Weird faces? Of course! But for Princess Diana, the young mother would use a very different trick to get her boys to not only look at the camera — but also smile. The royal family is one of the most photographed in the world, and their images are shown to the entire public. As a young mother, Princess Diana used to hide bright toys for Prince William and Prince Harry to focus on for those photogenic moments.

The picture at the top of the article shows Prince William at age of 2-years-old with his father and mother looking absolutely happy and content at Kensington Palace. To the naked eye, royal devotees may not have noticed the bright yellow ball the late royal has cradled in her lap, which, at one point, is slightly hidden next to her.

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In anther photo (pictured above), when Prince William was even younger, the young family is on a picnic blanket in New Zealand. Princess Diana and Prince Charles look truly photogenic with their first son, but close by is another small, wooden toy to entertain the little prince. The late royal was always focused on her sons and truly made an indelible impact on the monarchy for her open affection and earnestness in giving her sons a normal life. It’s no surprise that the resourceful, revolutionary princess kept these tricks handy to not only keep her young children happy, but to also uphold the standard of the royal family.

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