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Big Little Lies Just Dropped Another Hint That [SPOILER] Might Die Soon

[Warning: This article contains spoiler-y info about season two, episode four of Big Little Lies.]

Welp, it’s looking more and more like our fears about a major (and favorite!) character on Big Little Lies might come to fruition. Season two’s fourth episode, “She Knows,” dropped hints that Bonnie might die — and her death could very well unfold like the ominous visions of her empath mother.

There’s no denying that, of the Monterey Five, Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) has been struggling the most with guilt about the death of Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). Was he a garbage human? Yes. But does she torment herself every waking moment about taking another human life? Yes. Like her mother, she’s an empath. So when that mom, Elizabeth (Crystal Fox) came to town to help Bonnie work through whatever she was wrestling with emotionally, it seemed like a good thing. However, these two obviously have some issues of their own to work through.

Still, things were looking up when the family headed to the house of Renata (Laura Dern) to attend Amabella’s birthday party. Until, that is, Elizabeth experienced another drowning vision and, this time, passed out. The episode ends with her in the hospital being treated for a stroke and possible brain bleed. And as if that isn’t bad enough, she emerges from her coma just long enough to see a vision of Bonnie floating, lifeless, in what appears to be Monterey’s beautiful blue sea.

Oh, my. Does this really mean that Bonnie might not make it out of season two alive? This isn’t the first drowning vision Elizabeth has had, but it is the first one in which she so clearly saw her daughter. That can’t be good, right? Coupled with the near-constant imagery of the ocean in this season — Bonnie walking into the water, the waves crashing against the rocks, Celeste referencing one of the twins almost drowning — Elizabeth’s visions feel weighted.

However, there is another possibility here. Perhaps Bonnie’s drowning really is symbolic. When Elizabeth first began having the visions, she told her daughter, “I see lots of water, and somebody’s drowning. I see you drowning right now, in a way.” Since the detective assigned to Perry’s homicide seems to be closing in on the women, maybe the drowning visions are intensifying because Bonnie is in danger of going to jail. Or maybe someone really is going to drown, and Elizabeth sees Bonnie because that is who she is most concerned about in all of this.

Alas, it is also entirely possible that Elizabeth’s visions are prophetic. In which case, we sure hope BLL at least draws out the dark conclusion so we get as much screen time with Bonnie as possible before the season ends.

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