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Meghan Markle Responded to That Baby Shower Backlash & She’s Unbothered

The Duchess of Sussex was massively criticized (what else is new?) earlier this year for Archie Harrison’s baby shower, with everything, from cost to location, being hailed as a massive insult to the UK population. Now, a source told Us Weekly of Meghan Markle’s response to the baby shower backlash, and — spoiler alert — the Duchess isn’t interested in the media’s shade. She’s happy to have celebrated her pregnancy on her terms and feels that the media will criticize her either way, so she may as well do things her way.

Given that Meghan is an American, it shouldn’t have been so surprising that she wanted a stateside baby shower, where her close friends and family reside. But nonetheless, the royal-adjacent found something to complain about, with former spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth II, Dickie Arbiter, chiming in that baby showers are “very much an American thing.” He adds: “It was a bit over the top in terms of expense and the way she got there.”

For all the fussing about the cost of Meghan’s baby shower, it’s worth noting that — unlike much of the royal family’s living expenses — the shower was 100 percent privately funded. Meghan’s close friends Serena Williams and Jessica Mulroney handled the planning, and Amal Clooney flew the duchess there on her private jet. Perhaps that’s why Meghan sees no need to offer an explanation: According to an inside source, “she doesn’t regret the baby shower in NYC that got so much backlash. She doesn’t regret celebrating her baby or doing it in NYC.”

While Meghan isn’t backing down to the press, the negative media attention has been hard on her. “It’s hard for Meghan in London because the press is so vicious to her there,” the source tells Us.  “This is her life every day. But her mentality is like, well if this is what it’s going to be like, I’m going to do what I want to do. I won’t play by these rules.” In other words, Meghan’s recognized that the media’s criticism of her is without logic, and that they’ll find something to pick on no matter what she does.

Sadly, that rings true — and frankly, we applaud how well Meghan has handled it.

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