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The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Finally Responded to That Jed Girlfriend Drama

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the current season of The Bachelorette. The moment we’ve been waiting for since the news broke: Bachelorette Hannah Brown has reacted to Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend coming forward about their relationship (well, ex-girlfriend now). It was actually mildly surprising when Wyatt was outed for having a girlfriend of four months when he went on The Bachelorette — not because it happens so rarely (it happens all the time) but because Wyatt actually didn’t quite seem like the type. Apparently, Brown didn’t think he was the type either — (stop reading if you do not want the season spoiled) — she accepted Wyatt’s proposal at the end of this season, and Reality Steve now reports that that engagement has been called off.

Reality Steve wrote the following on Twitter: “I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week. They are still “together,” but the engagement is off. This isn’t a “don’t ever talk to me again” from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either…” Reality Steve shared even more info on his podcast, where guest Haley Stevens (Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend) shared that Brown’s brother had followed her on Instagram the day after the premiere aired, a clear sign that Brown’s family was invested in knowing about Wyatt’s past.

Stevens recently came out to the press, saying Wyatt had told her he was only going on the show for his career and that he loved her. After filming ended, Wyatt returned to Nashville (where he and Stevens both live) and didn’t reach out — it was only after running into him at a concert that Stevens even knew he had come home. Speaking exclusively to Life & Style, Stevens said the following: “I’m sure Hannah is heartbroken after seeing this. I don’t know if she knew, if she didn’t, if she was blindsided, I can’t even begin to know.”

We’d like to know if she knew about Stevens too — maybe it comes up in the Fantasy Suites? But either way, clearly this week of revelations in the press was enough to get Brown to reconsider her choice of fiancé. With any luck, we’ll get a Chris Harrison confrontation filmed about this before the week is out.

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