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Did Kylie Jenner Reveal She’s Pregnant in Khloé Kardashian’s Birthday Video?

We all know that Kylie Jenner loves a good pregnancy reveal (and by that we mean telling absolutely no one). Kylie’s been vocal about wanting a second baby, but that was all we’d heard — until someone who sounds like Kylie saying “I’m pregnant” in Khloé Kardashian’s birthday video blew up the internet. Now, the speculation is fully on: Did Khloé really just slip up by posting a sound-on video to her Instagram story including this precious information? Or are Kylie Jenner sound-alikes a staple at every Kardashian party?

The video is still available on Khloé’s Instagram page (hurry!), and features a look at her unsurprisingly epic 35th birthday party. As the camera pans over mountains of donuts and lands on Khlo’s birthday cake, you can clearly hear in the background a young woman (who really does sound like Kylie Jenner) blurt out: “I’m pregnant!” While it’s incredibly tempting to think it’s actually Jenner talking, it’s hard to believe that a family so attuned to social media would make this mistake — on either end. Given how devoted Jenner as to keeping her last pregnancy secret, we can’t imagine she’d say that out loud without looking up to see whether a camera was rolling.

Jenner had her first child, Stormi Webster, in February of 2018, with boyfriend Travis Scott. Since then, Jenner has proven to be a devoted mother and has talked about wanting more children down the line. In March 2019, however, she told Interview Germany that she doesn’t have plans “in the near future to have children right now” — and since it’s only three months later, it’s somewhat unlikely her stance has changed.

Then again, we can’t stress enough how much the 21-year-old billionaire values privacy around her pregnancy — if Jenner is in fact pregnant again, maybe she and Meghan Markle should talk.

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