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Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos’s Before-&-After Pics Show Just How Much Their Kids Have Grown Up

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? And there are few Hollywood couples who have more fun than Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Now, Ripa is showing how quickly time has passed for her brood. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s photos of their kids — then and now —  especially highlight the transformation the three Consuelos children have undergone in the past decade. Kids… they grow up so fast!

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host took to Instagram on Thursday to reflect on her family’s evolution. “#tbt 2011 vs. 2019 Les murs sont devenus plus petits,” Ripa captioned the before-and-after snapshots of Joaquin, 16, Michael, 22, Consuelos, and Lola, 18, standing together on vacation. In case seeing how much the family has changed doesn’t tug enough on your heartstrings, consider this: Ripa’s caption, which is written in French, loosely translates to, “The walls have become smaller.” On the surface, Ripa is referencing the stone walls in the background and how they seem shorter now that her children have grown. But any parent can also relate to this feeling on a poetic level, too.

Hilariously, Ripa’s friend and fellow actress-slash-TV-personality Holly Robinson Peete made a point about how dramatically Ripa and Consuelos’s kids have changed. “Girl those ‘murs’ are now curbs.”

Feel old yet? You’re in good company. Since Ripa and Consuelos’s kids have been raised in the spotlight, fans feel understandably invested in the family’s growth — especially given that Ripa and Consuelos have openly shared the journey via social media and, of course, on Live. In early June, Ripa and Consuelos wished Michael a happy 22nd birthday. A few days later, they shared photos of Lola getting ready for her senior prom.

And most recently, the couple described a super-relatable parenting gaffe. During an episode of Live that included a guest appearance by Consuelos, the parents confessed that Lola walked in on them having sex… on her 18th birthday! Not surprisingly, Lola read them the riot act for, you know, being parents who have sex. “Thanks for ruining my birthday. And thanks for ruining my life. I used to see in color, and now everything is gray!” Ripa recounted her daughter’s melodramatic response.

Ah, good memories.

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