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Beyoncé Showed Off Her Real Hair & We Can’t Believe How Long It Is

Whether you’re famous or not, mothers and daughters will always have a special bond. That was made clear by one powerful pop star. Beyoncé showed her real hair in Tina Lawson’s video, and the moment so, so sweet. The Grammy-winning artist has been known to work absolutely any style. But it’s this precious mother-daughter moment that’s making fans swoon and smile.

On Wednesday, the “Lemonade” singer was captured in a video by her mother with her real hair. “I was trimming my baby’s hair today and I am mocking Neal! Getting on her nerves! Being really annoying,” Lawson captioned her Instagram. The video shows just how long the entertainer’s hair is — nearly hitting her waist. Also shown is the singer’s natural hair color — brown with some blonde highlights.

“Au naturale darling,” Lawson says in the video. As Lawson offers some fun quips to her daughter, the “Crazy in Love” singer interrupts, saying, “Mama that’s really annoying… I mean very annoying.” A quintessential mother-daughter moment. Lawson continues to repeat the phrase in the video, amid a few giggles, with Beyoncé interjecting with yet another,  “Mama…”

The post has since been flooded with comments of adoring fans loving the singer’s natural hair. Fans left praises like, “Beys hair is long like her money, lol. LENGTH BABY! LENGTH!!!!” While another fan wrote, “The inches!” Recently, fans were treated to the first audio of Beyoncé and Donal Glover singing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from the forthcoming version of The Lion King. The film is set for release July 18. Until then, hopefully fans are treated to more of these fun, intimate moments between the pop icon and her family.

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