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Camilla Apparently Thought Kate Middleton Was ‘Too Common’ for Prince William

It’s only natural for family members to butt heads occasionally, and the royal family is no exception. But, according to the UK’s Express, something a bit more dramatic was brewing between two royals for quite some time. It all reportedly stemmed from the fact that Camilla thought Kate Middleton was “too common” for Prince William and the monarchy. Of course, Kate did marry Will and go on to become the Duchess of Cambridge — and now both women stand to inherit the title of the Queen of England in their lifetimes. However, a royal source claims Camilla did her best to convince Will that Kate wouldn’t fit into his family.

The Express explores this tense dynamic, which was revealed in the 2016 book Game of Crowns by royal aficionado Christopher Andersen. As Andersen points out, Camilla married into the royal family just like Kate. Still, the Duchess of Cornwall felt as though she was a natural royal, whereas Kate was simply “too common” to ever really assimilate. Andersen doesn’t stop there with explosive claims, though. He goes so far as to suggest that Camilla very nearly did derail Kate and William’s courtship.

“I was in London when the breakup [of William and Kate in 2007] occurred. I was shocked, completely stunned, everything thought it was only a matter of time before William was going to ask Kate to marry him,” writes Andersen in the book, adding, “And then people started telling me that Camilla was behind it.”

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If Andersen is to be believed, Camilla had been behind-the-scenes of Will and Kate’s relationship, pulling strings — urging her husband, Prince Charles, to tell William to break things off with Kate. As for why Camilla felt as though Kate was too pedestrian for the royal family, Andersen notes that she can be “a bit of snob” due to her upbringing. “She’s an aristocrat, she has always been moving in Royal circles. She had always thought of herself as the heiress to Alice Keppel, her great-grandmother, who was the mistress of Edward VII,” claims Andersen.

So, it was Kate’s “working-class” background that Camilla reportedly took issue with. “[Kate] is descended from coal miners and her mother was a flight attendant,” Andersen says. “So for all those reasons, Camilla never really felt Kate Middleton as an individual and the Middleton family as a whole were going to be worthy of entering into the royal family.” And rumor has it there is still lingering tension between Kate and Camilla.

Yikes. But, mothers-in-law… what are you gonna do, right? All’s well that ends well, and this scenario ended in a lovely marriage and growing family for Kate and Will.

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