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William and Harry’s Royal Charity Feud Might’ve Been Because of Meghan & Kate

The more we learn about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle splitting from Prince William and Kate Middleton over their joint efforts on the Royal Foundation, the more we believe this was the best move for them. According to Us Weekly, Harry and Meghan’s Royal Foundation feud with Will and Kate included Meghan and Kate specifically clashing over a variety of issues.

We already know the very long, very chilly feud between brothers Harry and Will likely contributed to the couples deciding to part ways. However, a royal insider for Us Weekly made mention of Kate and Meghan specifically. “Kensington Palace is painting this as a natural progression,” the insider shared. “But there were definitely issues with Meghan and Kate seeing eye to eye on how they wanted to run this charity.”

One big area the two clashed on was how much time and effort they wanted to put into the Royal Foundation. Per the insider, Meghan wanted “to be more involved — create initiatives and be in the trenches” while Kate wanted to be “more hands off.” The insider fails to mention specifics about what would have led Meghan and Kate to those decisions, although being a busy working mom of three may have contributed to Kate’s stance on the matter while Meghan wanted to go full steam ahead.

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Of course, Meghan’s priorities have shifted now that her son, Archie Harrison, has arrived into the world and brought so much joy to the rest of the royal family. Not only was Archie able to help get Harry and Will back on the same page, but Will and Kate have been visiting Meghan, Harry and Archie, too. It’s nice to see these four able to put the nonsense behind them and really prioritize what is important in their lives. Hopefully, this is the last we hear of feuds, cold wars, splits and non-harmonious activity between these four royals.

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