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Jason Momoa Has a Look-Alike & He’s Being Called ‘Jason Mimosa’ for a Hilarious Reason

There has been no shortage of commentary on the latest season of Big Brother. But this one takes the cake. Actor Jason Momoa’s look-alike is on season 21 of Big Brother, and the housemate who made the connection totally butchered the actor’s last name. Contestant Jack Matthews has been likened to the Aquaman star, but how it all started is quite a doozy.

Kathryn Dunn, a fellow contestant on the popular reality series, was the first to make the comparison — and, naturally, she shared it with the world. There was one problem, though: Dunn totally butchered Momoa’s last name. Instead of pronouncing the former Game of Thrones star’s last name correctly, Dunn referred to her fellow houseguest as Jason Mimosa, and Twitter users lost it. Check out some of the hilarious memes and the clip below!


The Big Brother official Instagram even earned a few comments, with one photo, featuring Matthews, receiving a comment from a user saying, “Who let Aquaman in?” Following the hilarious proclamation, Twitter users everywhere jumped at the chance to offer their thoughts. There were plenty of GIFs, tons of snarky comments and a slew of laughs to be had at Dunn’s unfortunate error. A slew of Twitter users who were following the show made the decision that Matthews would henceforth be known as “Jason Mimosa.”

Matthews was a key fixture during the first episode, becoming close with elected Big Brother Camp Director, Jackson Michie. The pair discussed a “bromance”, and with their newfound bond, the newly dubbed “Jason Mimosa” could have a target on his back moving further into the season, considering his newfound alliance. But until circumstances turn serious for the houseguests, fans can all take a breath and a laugh at the unfortunate mix up and the newly minted star, “Jason Mimosa.”

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