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Was This Wedding Mistake the Reason for Meghan & Harry’s Feud with Kate & William?

We’ve all heard the rumors: Something’s not right between the Sussexes and the Cambridges. Now that Prince Harry has split from Prince William’s charity, rumors have only grown — but according to a royal expert, a lacking announcement at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding sparked those feud rumors, which could have been easily avoided. Per the expert, Meghan and Harry had just announced early on that they planned to live elsewhere and separate their organizations from William and Kate Middleton, these rumors would never have existed.

ITV’s Good Morning Britain was discussing the news of the Sussex and Cambridge royals splitting their charities when royal expert Katie Nicholl chimed in with her analysis. “I’ll tell you what I think went wrong if I am being honest,” she said. “I think had they announced that there was going to be a separate household at the time of the wedding, or shortly after, and a new charitable foundation, it would have felt very natural, it would have felt very timely and possibly we wouldn’t have had this whole narrative and the rumors of the rift being fueled.”

The separate household she’s referring to is Frogmore Cottage, a house at Windsor Castle where Meghan and Harry moved to prepare for the birth of their first child, Archie Harrison.

Good Morning Britain continued to debate the issue, acknowledging that the split was registered as a surprise to the general public, who wondered if there might be some more insidious reason behind it. “People are probably saying ‘you know, is there now a separate foundation because as a foursome they do not get on?'” the hosts asked. Nicholl maintained  her position: “All of that would have been avoided, had the announcement they would be a separate household and a separate foundation before.” 

It’s true that, had we been expecting it, there would have been no opportunity to suspect foul play in the foursome splitting their charity. But perhaps we should focus more on not reading every official decision as one royal throwing shade at another — after all, it’s hardly Meghan and Harry’s fault that we’re so eager to see them “feud” with their Cambridge counterparts.

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