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Watch Meghan Markle’s Final Moments on Suits in the New Season 9 Teaser

The final season of Suits is fast approaching and the nostalgia is starting to hit — hard. Earlier this week, USA Network released the Suits season 9 trailer focused on Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. The clip, which is more of a teaser than a full-on trailer, included some of the biggest moments from Rachel (Markle) and Mike (Adams)’s relationship — such as their wedding in season seven. The video is bittersweet, wonderful and sure to make fans wish this show would never end.

The final season teaser for Suits season nine is only a minute long, but it sure makes an impact. The most significant focus in the teaser is on Rachel and Mike. We see the couple’s first meeting, their courtship, Mike proposing and the couple finally tying the knot. Interspersed between this big relationship moments are other sentimental moments, including Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty) initial flirting period, Jessica Pearson’s (Gina Torres) announcement that she’s leaving the lawfirm and Louis (Rick Hoffman) telling Harvey he’s going to be a dad. It even included  Samantha (Katherine Heigl) having a moment with Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), thanking him for being her rock.

The emotions are strong with this one, folks; saying goodbye will be anything but easy.

As Suits ties up any and all loose ends, starting with the final season premiere on July 17 on USA Network, it looks like it won’t be too sad. Adams has hinted at possibly returning to some degree, which would certainly be nice since there is zero chance Markle will reprise her role now that she’s a member of the royal family. And even though Suits is winding down, longtime fans of the show will soon be able to sink their teeth into the Jessica Pearson-focused spinoff Pearson, which will premiere right after the Suits’s final season debut.

See? With every ending, there comes a new beginning. Watching the final 10 episodes of Suits will certainly be a trip, but at least this series is focused on giving fans satisfying endings for all of its characters — especially those who have been with the show from the beginning.

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