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There’s a New Theory About Stranger Things‘ Next Monster & It Makes Perfect Sense

Praise be to the streaming gods, because we’re mere weeks away from one of the biggest binge-watching events of the year: Stranger Things season 3. The closer we get the more our curiosity piques. An excellent example? The new Stranger Things season 3 theory that Billy becomes the monster. Sure, last season Billy was your garden-variety acid-wash-jean-wearing, jerkhole big brother, bully kind of monster. But some fans are convinced he might be headed for literal monster-dom when the new season drops on July 4.

It’s not as though the Hawkins crew would be suffering any great loss if Billy were to fall victim to The Upside Down (#sorrynotsorry). Introduced last season along with his step-sister Max, Billy wasted no time making enemies — including his new arch nemesis Steve (with the good hair). Still, teaser trailers for season three seem to suggest that Billy has an even bigger role in what’s to come, and we’re not just talking about making the ladies swoon as the local lifeguard.

As for whether or not Billy’s future includes becoming the monster, a leaked clip from the new season at least proves there’s a connection between Billy and the main monster for season 3. The clip started making the Reddit rounds on Monday night, where it further fueled speculation about Billy’s fate. (You’ll need to head here to watch.)

In the previously unseen clip, Billy can be seen driving his Camaro late at night when something hits the windshield. The broken glass shatters his concentration, and he crashes into a tree in front of a sign for “Brimborn Steel Works.” Doesn’t sound too dramatic yet, right? Well, fans made the connection that on the season three poster for Stranger Things, most of the main characters appear above the new monster. Billy, on the other hand, appears in The Upside Down — you can tell by the duotone-type coloring.

That’s not it, though. Billy is standing beside his car in front of the Brimborn Steel Works (where he crashed in the clip), and there are rats surrounding him. The one in the foreground is dead, with its guts seemingly exposed. Why is that important? One of the most dominant theories surrounding season three is that someone will be bitten and infected by a rat from The Upside Down.

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Enter, Billy. Does he get bitten by a rat and turn into the monster? Only time will tell and, thankfully, that time is rapidly approaching. For now, a ton of fans are fixated on the theory that Billy will become the new new monster terrorizing Hawkins.

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