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Someone Will Drown in Big Little Lies & This Is Why We’re So Sure

Spoilers ahead for Big Little Lies Season 2. Watching Big Little Lies is not exactly a relaxing experience: Between Bonnie’s flashbacks, Celeste’s nightmares and Mary Louise’s relentless interrogation, there’s barely time to catch your breath. To top it off: A new Big Little Lies season 2 theory suggests a drwoning, and we have to say there’s compelling evidence. Somehow, we doubt we’re getting through a full season without another mysterious death — so, here are all the signs that Season 2 will include someone drowning.

Bonnie’s Mother’s Vision

To start with the most overt example: In season 2, episode 2, Bonnie’s mother Elizabeth takes a walk with her daughter, trying to figure out what’s going on in Bonnie’s head. They’ve spoken briefly of Elizabeth’s “visions” before, but here she lays it out in detail: “I see lots of water, and somebody’s drowning. I see you drowning right now, in a way.” Of course, Bonnie is drowning in a figurative sense: The grief and guilt she feels over her involvement in Perry’s death has been hanging over her head and interfering with her ability to live her life. Every aspect of Bonnie’s character is imbued with a sense of drowning this season — even when she looks up, she seems like she’s staring from miles below the surface. So, was Elizabeth’s comment keen mother’s intuition on her daughter’s emotional state? Foreshadowing of a death by drowning? Or both?

Celeste’s Comment to Mary Louise

Earlier in the episode, Celeste is trying to convince Mary Louise that Madeline isn’t all bad (the two have had a rocky start, to say the least). As an example of Madeline’s goodness, she tells Mary Louise that Madeline once saved her son Max from drowning. Mary Louise pulls no punches with her response (“where were you?”), but the specter of drowning is once again effectively thrown into the air. Not that Monterey needs the verbal reminder: Hhow many shots have we seen, in this season and the last, of waves crashing into the rocks? The ocean plays a huge role in their lives — and as we now know, it’s nearly turned disastrous for them once before.

The Episode 3 Promo

And then… there’s that promo clip for next week’s episode, which features lots of drowning — especially on Bonnie’s end. Bonnie is pictured walking, fully clothed, into the ocean. Bonnie is pictured floating facedown in a body of water. Bonnie’s mother is pictured dunking a child underwater in a swimming pool. Then there are other, less dangerous allusions to water: Celeste in the shower, water running down her back. Two small children splashing at the edge of an infinity pool. It’s everywhere: and the sense that these women are emotionally drowning, too, is stronger than ever.

So, does Bonnie actually try to drown herself on next week’s episode? Somehow, we think they won’t be getting rid of her so quickly — but if these past two episodes have shown us anything, it’s that the drama this season is hitting at breakneck speed. Relax (or don’t), sit back and enjoy.

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