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Meghan Markle Is Apparently Mad William & Kate Have More IG Followers Than Her

In early April, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unveiled their official Instagram account, sussexroyal. They gained a record-breaking number of followers early on — but apparently, not enough. A new report claims Meghan Markle is feuding with Kate Middleton and Prince William over Instagram followers, envious that the couple’s kensingtonroyal account has 9.3M followers to sussexroyal’s 8.7M. Royal commentator Lizzie Cundy says the Duchess of Sussex is taking action to boost the follower count on their Instagram.

On The Morning Show, Cundy offered her two cents on the rumored rivalry between these two royal Instagram accounts. “Let me tell you, the rift is getting so bad that apparently, Meghan has called in a sort of social media expert,” Cundy claims. “This is because Meghan is quite unhappy that Kate and Will have more followers than she and Harry. It is getting mad because Meghan and Harry are 700,000 followers down.”

This isn’t the first time British media has suggested Meghan is singlehandedly running the sussexroyal account. Earlier this week, Express ran a report blaming Meghan for typos in some of the Instagram captions. They suggested that perhaps she was too busy with her newborn to double-check her grammar; now, apparently Express thinks she has enough time to be angrily refreshing Instagram pages and checking follower counts at home.

Frankly, we’d love to think Meghan’s that level of petty (who among us hasn’t hate-stalked a faux-rival’s page?). But as Express seems to have forgotten, she does have a newborn at home. And something tells us she cares a little more about that than whether she or Kate are closer to 10M followers.

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