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Rose Hanbury’s Friends Are ‘Worried’ for Her Amid Prince William Cheating Rumors

As the storm of a rumored affair between Prince William and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley slowly passes, we’re now hearing of the emotional toll these rumors have taken on the parties involved. Rose Hanbury’s friends reacted to the Prince William  rumors in a recent Daily Mail report, telling the outlet that Hanbury is “lonely” and that her close friends are “worried.” Recently, we heard that William and Kate Middleton have responded to these rumors by taking an opportunity to evaluate their relationship. Hanbury, on the other hand, is reportedly struggling to handle being at the center of this gossip — and it may have even taken a toll on her marriage to David Rocksavage.

The rumors surrounding Hanbury began with reports in March of a feud with Kate and suggestions that Hanbury was being phased out of their social circle. Soon after, rumors spread of an affair between William and Hanbury during Kate’s third pregnancy. Since then, any sighting of the Cambridge royals in the same vicinity as the Cholmondeleys has been met with great scrutiny: Their latest run-in at Trump’s state dinner, for example, was apparently met with outrage from Kate and a carefully-planned seating chart to avoid their ever meeting face-to-face.

According to Hanbury’s friends, “people are worried about her. The most loyal friends are sticking by her, but others haven’t, a source tells Daily Mail. “It has caused her great distress to have suddenly found herself the talking point of everyone in the area. She is very aware about what is being said and she has tried to put a brave face on it.” On top of rumors published in the media, even Hanbury’s Instagram account for Houghton Hall was spammed with nasty comments. Though the offending content was removed, anyone who’s suffered an internet troll attack knows how unsettling it can be — and we completely feel for Hanbury in this time.

Even as more details come out about the fallout of these rumors, we must keep in mind that there is absolutely no evidence anything occurred. As long as we continue to malign these public figures, we’re putting their mental health and relationships in real danger. Whatever happened between Hanbury and the Cambridge royals, we hope they can find a way to convey to the public that Hanbury should be left alone.

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