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Prince William Told Queen Elizabeth He “Wasn’t Sure” if He Loved Kate Middleton

It’s truly been a fairytale romance for Prince William and Kate Middleton — and by fairytale romance, we mean filled with dramatic ups and downs. One such rough patch was their brief 2007 split, during which reports claim that Prince William told Queen Elizabeth he wasn’t sure about Kate Middleton. William seems to have resolved his feelings (the pair reconnected after a few short months and were engaged three years later), but it seems the Duke of Cambridge didn’t know if he loved Kate “enough” at the time.

The news of William’s true feelings back in 2007 was revealed in a Sunday Express report by royal correspondent Camilla Tominey. According to Tominey’s royal source, William “confided to his grandparents that he was not sure if he loved Kate enough.” At the time, William and Kate had been dating for six years: They met at St. Andrews in 2001, moved in together in 2002, separated briefly in 2004 and then officially split in April 2007 — getting back together in July.

While it’s unclear whether the Queen was sympathetic during his break from Kate, she made her feelings known once the pair reunited. “Now they are back together, the Queen wants William to do the right thing – either marry the girl or let her go,” a royal source told Tominey back in 2007. “She would rather they broke up for good now than get married only to have it end in divorce if five years’ time.”

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William’s grandfather, Prince Philip chimed in too: according to the royal source, he told his son that he “cannot keep stringing along Kate forever.” It’s possible that Philip and the Queen were looking out for Kate’s best interests here, but most likely they were equally interested in William getting on with starting a family — and not embarrassing them later with another royal divorce. “If Kate is the one, then a five-year courtship is long enough,” the Queen reportedly told William.

While William ultimately waited another three years to propose to Kate, let’s hope he heeded the rest of the Queen’s advice and decided that Kate was the one.

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