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How Beyoncé & Jay-Z Are “Nurturing” Blue Ivy to Be a Performer Just Like Them

A chip off the old block! After a video of Blue Ivy Carter bringing down the house at a dance recital, fans have been curious about whether the 7-year-old will follow in her famous parents’ footsteps. It looks like she just might — Beyoncé and Jay-Z support Blue Ivy becoming a performer, according to HollywoodLife. So much so, says the outlet, that the proud parents are “ready and willing to do anything” to fulfill their little girl’s dreams of being a dancer.

An inside source apparently gave HollywoodLife the exclusive scoop, revealing that there simply wasn’t any denying Blue’s stage presence. “Blue Ivy is a natural performer and, unsurprisingly, she’s also very talented. When you see her dance, it’s obvious that she was born for it,” said the source, underscoring how supportive Bey and Jay are. “Beyoncé and Jay-Z really nurture her talent. She’s been in dance classes since she was a toddler and she’s always been included in everything her mom and dad are doing, too. When Beyoncé is working on choreography or rehearsing, Blue is often there watching or even joining in and doing her best to copy her mom.”

And it isn’t just dancing that Blue gets from her mama — like both of her parents, the little girl loves to sing and often accompanies her parents when they go into the recording studio. Said the source, “Beyoncé and Jay-Z are encouraging that talent in Blue as well.”

Do your thing, Blue! The precocious girl certainly has just about the best role models in the business that a burgeoning artist could ask for. Not only are Beyoncé and Jay-Z forever at the top of their game, but they’re also apparently very measured when it comes to mixing business with parenting. “They love seeing her shine. But right now, it’s just about letting her grow and learn and have fun. They aren’t pushing any sort of agenda or trying to make her a star; they just want her to do whatever makes her happiest,” the source said.

Still, if Blue Ivy does take after her mom and dad (and, judging by that recital video, we suspect she does), she has a lot of talent to share with the world. This fact isn’t lost on Beyoncé and Jay-Z, either. If and when their daughter decides she wants to go into the family business, “they’ll be behind it all the way.”

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