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The Internet Is Convinced Kate Middleton Got “Scolded” by Camilla in This Video

It’s weird to think of Kate Middleton getting shushed, but that’s precisely what some sources claimed happened at a royal event on Tuesday. Per the UK’s Express, Camilla Parker Bowles told off Kate Middleton at Order of the Garter. Kate’s offense? Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge was being too chatty, and accordingly, Camilla interjected to remind her stepdaughter to pay attention.

Though it’s unclear what Kate was talking about, we do know who she was talking to: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. In photos and video taken from the event, Kate and Maxima can be seen engrossed in conversation before Camilla gives Maxima a firm tap. The message was apparently received as it was intended, since Maxima and Kate then turned their attention forward in time for the procession to start. In subsequent photos, the three women smile as they all watch the Order of the Garter ceremony — a service founded in 1348 by Edward III to recognize contributions to public service.

Can it really be said that Camilla “scolded” Kate? Well, that seems a bit like an overstatement. From the outside looking in, it simply seems like the Duchess of Cornwall did Maxima and Kate a favor by giving them a quick heads up that the ceremony was about to start. At the most, it seems like a maternal cluck-of-the-tongue or well-meaning finger wag.

The moment has likely been placed under a social microscope and amplified due to the fact it comes mere days after Trooping the Color, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared to have a tense exchange. The Duke and Duchess stood on the balcony with the rest of the royal family in anticipation of the traditional flyover when Harry began speaking to someone beside him. When Meghan turned around to say something to her husband, he seemingly told her to turn back around. In fact, per the U.’s Mirror, lip reader Tina Lannin claims Harry’s exact words were, “No he hasn’t. Oh fine. Turn around.”

Not surprisingly, much is being made of the brief exchange. But let’s be real, it makes the Duke and Duchess that much more relatable. What couple hasn’t worked through a bit of tension at big family gatherings (which, c’mon, are tense by nature)? It goes without saying that these sort of blips often get blown out of proportion when they happen between royals.

If you ask us, though, both moments of “telling off” — the one between Harry and Meghan as well as yesterday’s “row” between Camilla and Kate — seem pretty tame.

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