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We Finally Know When This Is Us Is Coming Back & We Can’t Wait for Season 4

Everyone knows fall is the best season, and NBC just cemented that by announcing the This Is Us season 4 premiere date. Don’t worry; we’ll give you all the deets on that in just a minute. But for now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that not only will we get to see the beloved Pearson family again later this year, but that NBC also recently renewed the show through season six. Bring on all the feels!

Before we dive into what date you should mark on your calendar, how about a quick recap? Because, if we’re really being honest, April’s season three finale left us with more questions than answers. We finally got to see the flash-forward from last season rounded out, sure. But in that flash forward, much was left unsaid. Beth and Randall are still happily married (whew). Kevin apparently has a kid now, but who’s the mother? We see Toby and hear about Jack Jr., but no Kate. Is she OK? (Someone tell us she’s OK!) Where is Miguel? No mention of him either. What is Nicky doing by Rebecca’s side, presumably on her deathbed? And on that point, is Rebecca dying at this moment in time? Randall introduces himself to her more than once — is Rebecca suffering from dementia?

So, yeah, season four has a lot of ground to cover. The show will start making strides toward answering all of those questions when it returns on Sept. 24 at 9 p.m.

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Of course, we are talking about This Is Us. The show always manages to artfully layer nostalgia with intrigue in a way that slowly reveals the truth to fans. And since we know the show has two more seasons after this one, we’re not so naïve to believe everything will be revealed in season four. There are a few things we predict will definitely go down in the upcoming season, though.

For starters, we’ve gotta get a new mystery, right? We spent the first two seasons focusing on how Jack died. Once that mystery was solved — aka, our hearts were shattered into one million pieces by a slow cooker — there was the question as to what happened to Jack’s brother Nicky. Once that mystery was solved, we were handed the “her” partial-flash-forward, which the season three finale sort of resolved. So what’s next? There has to be a new question mark looming.

As for the individual members of the Pearson family clan, it feels like Kevin might be in for a bit of emotional mining. And, as is often the case with Kevin and Kate, their fates could be tied. How? Well, we know Kevin is moving to California. We can also deduce that something in the future goes awry for Kate and Toby. So maybe season four will involve Kevin learning to deal with his inner demons (read: addiction), and Kate moving away or constantly being called away to help him. That could very well lead to tension in her marriage, which means there’s a lot of heavy emotion ahead for the super-tight brother and sister.

Guess we’ll find out in September, eh?

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