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Meghan Markle Is Being Blamed for Typos on the Sussex Royals’ Instagram & We’re Tired

One of the major perks of being a celebrity is that, typically, you don’t have to run your own social media. There are full-time jobs dedicated to tweeting, posting and responding on behalf of a celebrity employer — and even so, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Instagram typos are somehow considered the Sussex royals’ fault. According to royal expert Melanie Bromley, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official Instagram account has suffered a few errors in grammar and punctuation. The Mirror suggests that this could be Meghan’s fault.

Some have posited that Meghan was running the Sussex royals’ Instagram due to the use of American spellings and emojis (uncharacteristic for official royal accounts). These could all be the result of hiring an American social media manager or a social media professional who has been trained on replicating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s more informal, American-ized style of speech. No one had suggested that they believed Meghan was behind the account because it contained more errors than usual — until now. “If Meghan is behind the couple’s account,” The Sun writes, “then it’s more likely that very common errors will occur, what with a newborn to look after.” And yet, their typo complaints date back to long before Archie was born.

One of the mistakes that left Bromley “cringing” was included in the original version of the post above, for Earth Day. Apparently, the first version read “not just today but everyday” in the final line — as opposed to the current, correct version, which reads “every day,” spelled as two words instead. Bromley told E! News that “there is a website that points [errors] out every single time they post,” with other examples including taking down and re-posting an image of baby Archie to correct a repeated sentence in the caption.

Frankly, these errors are not shocking from a royal Instagram account. The royal family is not known as particularly tech-savvy, and has only recently made the push to be more involved and present on social media. The Kardashians, in contrast, have been posting multiple times a day for years — and even their posts are not completely error-free. Whoever is actually behind these captions, let’s cut them a break and not waste a single further second speculating that the Sussex Instagram account is suffering because Meghan herself is too sleep-deprived to use proper grammar. Of all the insulting theories on Meghan’s possible misconduct, this one is particularly worth ignoring.

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