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Prince Philip Told Prince Harry Not to Marry Meghan Markle for This Surprising Reason

Is there anyone in Prince Harry’s life who didn’t object to his choice of wife? We already know his friends aren’t the biggest fans — and now, a new report claims that even Prince Philip told Harry not to marry Meghan Markle. While Harry and Meghan are known to be close with Charles’s father Philip, it seems the Duke of Edinburgh wasn’t always on her side. He advised his grandson that, due to Meghan’s profession as an actress, dating her was fine — but marrying her would be a mistake. Yikes!

The Sun reports that Philip made this comment to Harry around the time that his relationship with Meghan was getting serious. The exact wording of the comment is given as follows: “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.” At the time that Harry began dating Meghan, she was best-known as an actress with a recurring role on legal drama series Suits. The now-98-year-old Duke apparently believed that her career choice made her an ill-advised choice for Harry’s wife.

To be honest, we think an actress might be the best choice for someone joining the royal family — Meghan has certainly had to learn to take on a new role as the Duchess of Sussex, and both her acting chops and comfort with constant media attention have no doubt served her over the past few years. Then again, it can hardly be considered surprising that Philip had some objections (even though we don’t agree). Given that Prince William’s school friends objected to Kate Middleton because she wasn’t “one of his kind,” it would be shocking if Meghan wasn’t equally criticized.

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While Philip may have expressed early reservations, he’s since been spotted meeting baby Archie and seems happily involved in the Sussex royals’ lives. Hopefully, Meghan has won him over by now with her warmth and charm — and while it’s a shame that everyone in Harry’s life has taken so much convincing, it’s a true testament to Meghan’s fortitude how beloved she seems by those close to him now.

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