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Jennifer Lopez Wrote the Sweetest Father’s Day Tribute to Alex Rodriguez — & Her Ex

June 16 was special from other Sundays in 2019 so far because it was also Father’s Day, which means dozens of celebrities were pouring out their hearts for dads on social media. Among the those stars was Jennifer Lopez, whose Father’s Day tributes for Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony were the perfect amount of sentimental and loving. Naturally, Lopez’s fiancé Rodriguez got the lengthier of the tributes on Sunday. In her post, Lopez explained why Rodriguez is not only so important to her but also to the Lopez family.

“How lucky are we to have you in our lives,” Lopez wrote in the caption of a video of her, Rodriguez and her twins, Max and Emme. “Not only do you make us all laugh every day, you help us to be our best selves with a loving gentle hand. Being there and caring with a consistent presence that doesn’t ever waver. Macho…I cannot begin to tell you how much you have come to mean to me and Max and Emme!! Seeing the father you are to Tashi and Ella is one of my greatest joys and they are so fortunate to have you to call Daddy!!! We all love you so much!! Happy Fathers Day!!!”

Rodriguez responded to her Instagram tribute in the comments, writing, “Love this, love you. Thank you, baby.”

Anthony, who co-parents Max and Emme with ex-wife Lopez and shares an amicable relationship with Rodriguez, also got a tribute from Lopez.

“Happy Fathers Day to you Flaco!!! Emme and Max love you soooo much!! Thank you for these two beautiful coconuts!!! Feliz Día Del Padre!!!” Lopez wrote to Anthony, sharing never-before-seen photos and videos of Anthony with Max and Emme.

Lopez, Rodriguez and Anthony have worked out a comfortable situation for themselves, figuring out how to seamlessly blend their families without stepping on toes as Lopez and Rodriguez have become closer. Most recently, all three were in attendance for Max’s recital, cheering him on from the audience. We love this blended family, y’all!

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