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Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Date Nights Prove Even Royals Like to Netflix & Chill

Does Netflix know it has some royal fans? While the Cambridge royals are typically rushing from one engagement to the next, a new source reveals that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s perfect date night involves Netflix, takeout and some quality time on the couch. It makes perfect sense: If we were running around half as much as those two, we’d be dying for a night in too. But — especially given that the couple has been facing rumors of William cheating for the past few months — it’s nice to see that these two busy royals can make time for a casual night in.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that these two (and especially Kate) enjoy relaxing in front of the TV at night. “Kate loves nothing more than ordering Indian takeaway and eating it from a dinner tray on the couch while watching a bit of Netflix with William,” the source claims. Of course, the obvious question is which show exactly the Cambridge duo can’t get enough of — and the answer certainly didn’t disappoint. According to this insider, Kate and William “used to catch up on Game of Thrones together every couple of weeks, and most recently they binged Bodyguard.” It’s good to know even royals are bingeing TV at home — and honestly, we’d love to get their thoughts on the final season of GoT. 

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It seems that romance has been in the air for the Cambridges as of late, with reports last week of Kate and William running off for a secret date in the countryside. The news came right on the heels of the revelation that the couple was working through their issues amid rumors of an affair between William and Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Kate and Will are reportedly taking time “to sit back and examine their relationship:” and if that means more afternoon getaways and Netflix nights at home, so be it.

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