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Justin Timberlake Is Standing by Jessica Biel After Her Anti-Vaxx Controversy

Justin Timberlake was honored on Thursday with an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City, and he made sure to thank his wife and son, which may have put him into some hot water in the process. In his speech, Justin Timberlake may have responded to Jessica Biel’s anti-vaccination controversy after he called her his “love” and shouted out their son, 4-year-old Silas.

“To my wife, who is here tonight and who has given me the greatest gift of love,” Timberlake said. The singer also mentioned his son, saying “Our son is 4 now, and he’s dope too! I’ve written so many songs because of that that I’m so proud of and I just … I’m extremely humbled. I hope that I can represent this award for all of you.”

But it’s hard to dissociate Timberlake’s words and praise of Biel considering the same day she was criticized for taking photos with known anti-vaxx supporter Robert F. Kennedy on a recent trip to Sacramento to discuss the state’s new bill limiting medical exemptions for vaccinations. Biel responded to the controversy by saying she wasn’t “against vaccinations….[but] I also support families having the right to make educated medical decisions for their children.”

Though Timberlake didn’t specifically cite Biel’s comments, his show of support for her in a public forum does appear to be indicative that he’s standing by his lady. It’s not surprising as Timberlake has always been very supportive of his wife, whether that’s on her birthday or when she revealed she was pregnant with Silas. Regardless of Biel’s own comments, Timberlake doesn’t appear to be leaving his wife alone out there in the court of public opinion.

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