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Prince Harry Was Dating a Model When He Met Meghan Markle — But Who Is She?

We all knew the Duke and Duchess of Sussex brought baggage to their relationship; she’s a divorcee and he was a playboy prince. But did you know that Prince Harry dated a model when he met Meghan Markle? The relationship was revealed in royal biographer Angela Levin’s new book, Harry: Conversations with the Prince. Scan. Da. Lous!

As reported by Cosmopolitan,, Harry was casually dating model and nutritionist Sarah Ann Macklin at the time he started seeing Meghan. Levin claims in her book that Harry and Macklin met at a party and exchanged phone numbers. The pair then went on a few dates in 2016 but (obviously) things didn’t exactly go anywhere. Per Levin, “It turned out to be just a fling.”

Clearly, it was just a fling because, as we know from recent history. Harry and Macklin weren’t so attached that he felt he couldn’t go on a blind date with Meghan around the same time. Also, it was likely super casual because neither Harry nor Macklin have publicly discussed a romance of any kind. We’d expect Harry to be tight-lipped about it, but Macklin keeping the information out of the public eye says a lot about her.

And speaking of Macklin, who exactly is she? Well, if you take one look at her Instagram you’ll see she’s both a moderately successful model as well as a nutritionist. Macklin mixes up her Insta grid with photos of herself cooking up new creations in the kitchen, sharing her best nutrition tips and posting photos from upcoming editorial shoots. She is also a Contributing Wellness Editor to The Evening Standard Insider, allowing her to share her work with an even wider audience.

This news of another woman in Harry’s life has us all sorts of intrigued. Guess we’re gonna have to get our hands on Levin’s book and see what other juicy details are included, won’t we?

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