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John Krasinski Trolled Jenna Fischer So Good with This Office Throwback

There ain’t no party like an Office party, because an Office party don’t stop! It’s no secret The Office cast mates are super close, even playing pranks on each other. But John Krasinski trolling Jenna Fischer with an Office throwback might just take the cake. The pair — formerly known as Jim and Pam Halpert — were in the midst of a heated rivalry over the Stanley Cup, with their respective teams (Krasinski a fan of the Boston Bruins; Fischer a fan of the St. Louis Blues) meeting in game seven of the finals. But Krasinski dolled out a throwback to Fischer on his Twitter well worth a trophy all its own.

Before Fischer reigned victorious between the pair after the St. Louis Blues took home the Stanley Cup, Krasinski had some good, old fashioned Halpert pranks in store. The actor invited former Office cast member David Denman to the game for one last dig at Fischer. Krasinski took to Twitter in a video saying, “I just wanted to say, I’m really sorry you’re not here. This is your seat right here, and I was really bummed that you couldn’t make it. But listen, honestly? Let’s just have the best team win.”

While Krasinski made his video, Denman took the seat right next to his former cast mate. On The Office, Denman played Roy Anderson, Fischer’s character Pam’s fiance on the first two seasons. While Pam never became Pamela Anderson on the Emmy-winning series, Fischer’s character eventually got together and Karsinski’s Jim Halpert by the end of the third season.

Playing along with the joke, Fischer quipped back on Twitter writing, “Ha. Ha. Ha. Well played. Just be careful he doesn’t leave you at the game,” referring to an early episode where Pam revealed that Roy had once taken her to a hockey game (with his brother!) on a date and left her there afterwards. Fortunately for Fischer, she had the ultimate last laugh with her beloved St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup for the very first time.

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