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Anna Faris Had The Sweetest Reaction to Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Wedding

We’re all supposed to be happy for our exes — but depending on how things ended, that can be easier said than done. Judging from Anna Faris’s reaction to Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s wedding, she and ex-husband Pratt must have had an amicable split. It’s unclear whether Faris was actually in attendance at their June 9 wedding, but a source close to Faris told HollywoodLife that the star is nothing but happy for the couple, and she’s glad to see that Pratt has found someone with whom he can share his life.

While Pratt was slammed a few days ago for “snubbing” Faris in his wedding Instagram, it does appear that the ex-couple remain on good terms. Per HollywoodLife’s source, “Anna has the utmost respect for Katherine and Chris and loves that they found each other and are in love.” While the relationship may have ended, Faris’s affection for Pratt lives on: “It gives her a warm feeling knowing that a person like Chris has found happiness again,” the source shares. “Anna loves Chris and everything they have shared with each other.”

Even if Pratt and Faris had a less-than-cordial split, they’re both inclined to keep the peace for the sake of their child, 6-year-old son Jack Pratt. This source claims that Anna “loves that Katherine will be another mother figure in Jack’s life,” and it appears Jack’s new stepmom is already making an effort to spend quality time with him. Ultimately, Faris won’t be wasting any time or energy on harboring resentment or wishing things had gone another way: “She wants nothing more than to see Chris happy,” the source reveals. “Anna wants everyone to be happy, and she’s even dating, herself!”

We can read into Instagram captions all we want, but at the end of the day, the source affirms “there isn’t any drama at all.” Now, we’ll just need that source to tell us who Faris is dating.

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