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John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen Is Mom-Shamed for Decisions They Make Together

So not cool. Chrissy Teigen is mom-shamed for decisions she makes with John Legend, and it’s not OK. The model, author, and host has been mom-shamed in the past and handled it with ease, but Legend isn’t a fan of the treatment his wife faces either. In an interview with Romper, the singer pointed out that it’s very rare that A-list dads receive the same amount of scrutiny as moms, and while it does happen to some fathers, it isn’t nearly as frequent or intense.

“People were shaming Chrissy for leaving the house, and didn’t say anything bad to me,” Legend told romper, recalling a particular incident in 2016 after their daughter, Luna, was born. What made the criticism further unwarranted was that Teigen had simply left the house with her daughter. Seriously, that’s it. “Look, we’re both parents and we’re both going out. If you think that’s not appropriate—and first of all, you shouldn’t think that’s not appropriate—if you’re going to blame somebody, blame both of us, not just the mother,” Legend concluded.

The multi-talented artist has been very clear that he and Teigen make decisions together,and they deliver the same amount of earnestness and clarity to their parenting in equal measures. He continued to share more stories of their parenting. “I feel like we tag-team or we split, especially when [our son] Miles was first born and when it came to breastfeeding and having that be a regular part of the ritual with him,” he said. “Chrissy had to tend to him more than I could, so I took it upon myself to really make sure Luna was good. So we kind of split off that way.”

Teigen and Legend have been clear that they are both parents, and they make it work together. They don’t have designated duties, but have given as much of themselves as they can to their children equally. Chalk it up to “dad goals” if you will, but the shared responsibility Teigen and Legend display should become the norm and not the exception.

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