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Lady Gaga’s Ex Just Liked Irina Shayk’s Sexy Instagram & We Have Questions

When a Hollywood couple splits, fans often look to social media for context clues. Well, Instagram either just delivered an interesting coincidence or an intriguing development in the breakup of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. On Monday, June 10, Lady Gaga’s ex Christian Carino liked Irina Shayk’s sexy Instagram photo post-Bradley Cooper breakup. Given how much speculation there’s been surrounding Lady Gaga’s possible role in Cooper and Shayk’s split, the simple action by Carino definitely caught fans’ attention.

Here’s what we know: Shayk took to Instagram on Monday to share her first post-breakup photo, and it just so happened to be fire — as in, her in a cheeky black bathing suit staring at a stunning waterfall. It’s no small wonder fans are assuming Shayk meant it as a “Brad who?” style breakup message. It’s also no small wonder that the photo has racked up nearly 600,000 thousand likes. What is somewhat surprising, though, is that one of those likes came from Carino, Gaga’s ex-fiancé. They don’t appear to be friends (he follows her on IG; she doesn’t follow him), and the timing of the like clearly seems to be significant. Was this his subtle way of commenting on the split? A show of solidarity for Shayk?

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In all fairness, it’s not as though Carino was the only male celebrity to “like” Shayk’s sexy Insta. We didn’t scroll through all 500,000-plus of them, but we did see that Trevor Noah is in there, too. Also, it is possible that Carino and Shayk were on friendly-ish terms since he was with Gaga and she was with Cooper when the two filmed A Star Is Born together. So, maybe he was simply supporting a sort-of friend post-breakup. After all, Carino was there pretty recently himself — he and Gaga called off their engagement in February, after Ally-and-Jackson-Maine mania had taken hold of the nation thanks to Gaga and Cooper’s performance in the movie.

Cooper has remained mum on the subject since his split with Shayk. However, Gaga seems to already be annoyed with batting away rumors that her relationship with her director-slash-costar served as a catalyst for the breakup. Before performing “Shallow” onstage at the Park Theater in Las Vegas on Saturday, Gaga urged fans to be considerate. “Be kind,” she said, adding, “Be kind or f—k off.”

Still, Carino’s seemingly symbolic “like” doesn’t help quell the rumors — particularly since People reported on Monday that a source close to Cooper and Shayk blames A Star Is Born for the former couple’s demise. “Bradley was emotionally absent during the long time filming A Star Is Born,” the source reportedly shared. “They tried to save the relationship but it had changed.”

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