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Sandra Bullock’s College Years Are Being Made into a Musical TV Show & We’re So Ready

We live in the era of peak television with arguably too much TV to be watched at any given moment. But if we were to suggest one more show to make room for in your calendar, it would be the upcoming Amazon series about Sandra Bullock’s college years. (Did we mention it also includes musical numbers?) We honestly can’t believe this show exists, but folks, we’re hyped.

Per Variety, the still-untitled series will be loosely based on the Bird Box actress’s time in college in the 1980s. As it stands right now, the show is being described as “a dramedy set in the world of music and dance. It will take place in the American deep south in the 1980s, where one darkly off-beat young woman defies expectations and sets out in search of love, community and an identity of her own.” The Hollywood Reporter shed additional light on the show’s plot, noting the show will also “feature music and dance and traverse the worlds of drag culture, mental health and the AIDS epidemic while following a group of young outcasts who band together and dare to be themselves, despite facing real danger in doing so.”

We’re not too sure just how wacky, weird, wonderful and all things in between Bullock’s college years were. But the idea for the series apparently sprang from conversations she had with writer/director/producer Akiva Goldsman (the mind behind such fantastical films as Batman & RobinI, Robot and the Bullock-starring film Practical Magic), so we’re guessing there was enough juicy material from her life to get Goldsman’s creative juices flowing. Whatever is going to be involved in the show — and whoever will be involved — already sounds like a big, big plus in our book. Variety also reported John Legend has come aboard the project as a series co-executive producer. It’s unclear if Legend will have a hand in writing or performing any of the music, but it would be silly to keep his talents behind the scenes on this one, right?

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Bullock has been filling up her slate with another intriguing project behind the camera, continuing her break from acting for the time being. In addition to this Amazon series loosely based on her life, she will be working with Netflix to produce and possibly star in an adaptation of the comic Reborn. It’s rare Bullock goes into genre-specific territory with her projects, but the success of Bird Box may have pushed her in this new direction.

We’re all kinds of ready to see what this TV show will look like and even more curious to know how much it will draw from Bullock’s life. Keep an eye on this show as it develops for sure.

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